I have recently migrated my graphic design over to OS X, as a previous PC user. As I was using the same software as I was on PC.

A large portion of my work is designed using Maxon’s 4D Cinema, an extremely accurate 3D rendering tool. I have been using 4D Cinema for a couple of years now and am finally getting to grip with its powerful texturing engine and modeling tools. 4D Cinema also allows me to create video and animation of my products.


As a graphic editor, I switch between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks, depending on level of detail needed. I have been using Fireworks ever since its early versions by Macromedia, and have slowly been applying my knowledge to become more familiar with Photoshop.


If you have any questions as to how I achieve my results in any of these programs, feel free to comment this page with your e-mail or contact details and I’l do my best to answer any problems you may have!

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